Empire of Wild by Cherie Dimaline | Book review

I knew I wanted to read Cherie Dimaline's new book as soon as it came out. I didn't get to it in 2019, but a number of people have – it has topped Canadian bestseller charts for months now. Empire of Wild is a compelling, fast-paced thriller that pulls from Métis mythology and symbolism. In this book, prepare to come face-to-face with the legendary figure of the Rogarou.


American Spy by Lauren Wilkinson | Book Review

World events are off to a seriously concerning start for 2020. I learned of the US drone strike in Baghdad that killed a top Iranian military officer while in the midst of reading American Spy by Lauren Wilkinson. Her debut novel takes place during the Cold War, when a young FBI agent gets recruited by the CIA for an assignment in communist Burkina Faso. Current global geo-political context aside, I have found in American Spy a fulfilling story written by a promising novelist.


Red star over the third world by Vijay Prashad | Book Review

Vijay Prashad's book traces the former Soviet Union's influence on liberation movements throughout Asia and Latin America from its establishment in 1922 through to the first years of the Cuban Revolution in 1959.


Reading Balzac in end-times: 2019 readings

My reading in 2019 was marked with the discovery of new Indigenous authors, the completion of some ambitious classics, and reading through a wide range of new authors, in French and English. As is becoming a tradition, I am sharing the bright spots that got me through the year.


À la découverte de Naomi Fontaine

Cette année, j'ai fait la grande découverte de Naomi Fontaine, auteure innue de la communauté de Uashat, sur la côte Nord du fleuve Saint-Laurent. Ses romans sont courts, mais percutants; remplis de tendresse et de sensibilité. Naomi Fontaine est un auteure qu'il faut lire en entier, en plus de s'engager à suivre tout ce qu'elle publie.