COVID-19 union response brief and discussion points

While some people are convinced that COVID-19 does not affect them, it is important to remember that everyone has a role to play to limit contagion. COVID-19 has the potential to directly affect the ability of the union to operate effectively, and to advance the interest of our members. This note outlines analysis and recommendations for union leadership on orientation to building a response to COVID-19 within the union.


Updated Citizens' Press Websites

The Citizens' Press, Leftnews.org, and What’s Left have been updated and technologies changed. Read here how you interact with the new services and make sure you do not miss any new posts.


Ontario faculty, staff, and students oppose Ford government’s 'performance' funding for postsecondary institutions | OUCC

The proposed market-based performance funding model will tie 60 per cent (over $3 billion dollars) of postsecondary funding to each institution’s ‘performance’ against a set of arbitrary and flawed metrics. This dramatic shift follows years of stagnant public funding for postsecondary education in Ontario, and is only the latest in a series of attacks on the foundations of postsecondary education in the province, including cuts of over $400 million to college and university budgets, cuts of almost $700 million to student financial assistance, and cuts to the democratically determined student fees that allow students’ unions to advocate on behalf of, and provide vital support to their members.

OCUFA estimates Ford’s 'performance' funding could cut university budgets by over $500 million dollars | OCUFA

Toronto, Sep. 4, 2019 – Ontario faculty are warning that the Ford government’s so called ‘performance’ funding model for postsecondary education is reckless, ineffective, and dangerous. The new funding model will link 60 per cent of government funding for universities ($2.2 billion dollars) to an arbitrary set of metrics chosen with no consultation. These metrics will not actually measure “performance” but are likely to be used as an excuse to cut university budgets. Across Ontario, OCUFA estimates that this new funding model could mean cuts of over $500 million dollars that will substantially undermine our postsecondary institutions’ academic missions and mandates.

On June 9th, the Ottawa community pressed the board for a public downtown library

Concerned residents and community groups filled the Ottawa city council chambers on June 9th as the Ottawa Public Library Board made key decisions on a new central library branch.

Jean-Claude Parrot: My response to Three MP's Statements on CUPW

In a statement made by Tory MP Mark Adler he said that a CUPW newsletter was radical propaganda. He was supported by two other MP’S, Steven Fletcher and Bob Rae. The statement also claims that CUPW use of public funds for the trip of Ruth Breen of the Atlantic region to Palestine.

A bad budget for the future of post-secondary education, research and job training | Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT)

(Ottawa – March 21, 2013) The budget announced today by the Federal Government short changes post-secondary education, further diminishes Canada’s research capacity, and undermines training opportunities, according to the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT). “On the same day that some of Canada’s world-renowned research projects, like the Experimental Lakes Area, are in process of being dismantled because of last year’s federal budget cuts, the new budget makes matters worse,” said James L.

Liberals engage in political double-speak to sell private health care to New Brunswickers.

Once again we see that the current NB Liberal Government does not understand the word ‘democracy’, nor does it understand that it is expected to govern in the interests of the people, not private business.

Their inequality and ours | Citizens' Press

There is a big difference between the reasons that socialists/leftists bring up inequality and the reasons liberals are concerned with it. However, many on the left seem unable to articulate the difference well enough to distinguish ourselves from liberals when it comes to how we should deal with inequality. There is a cost to this confusion as people are unable to distinguish between the politics of the solutions presented.