Climate Change

Redistribution of wealth to deal with climate change

The classical economic concept of profit on transfer helps to explain why the redistribution of wealth that has occurred because of imperialism is rather difficult to address via the protocols constructed to deal with climate change. International agreements are going to have to go beyond simply supporting direct foreign investment as a solution to developing country energy transition to lower carbon energy solutions. A process that does this fairly is near impossible under the current economic model.

Energy transformation/just transition is an economics problem

In the war against climate change, the main issue continue to be resource allocation. It is not so much that we do not know how to solve the problems we have created for ourselves, it is that we cannot agree on how to spend the money or even if we have the money to spend. These questions are political, but the facts are rooted in our understanding of the economy and the processes that drive value creation. The politics tend to come out of how you answer the economic question of resource allocation and how you think those resources are created in the first place.