Ben Lewis


Government needs to refocus and reinvest in Parks Canada | What's Left

Parks Canada seems to be ignoring its mandate and the Liberal government is not getting in the way.

Lost in technology: The struggles of the modern political campaign | Ben Lewis

Why do some political campaigns and social justice movements seem to have such a hard time taking advantage of new technology? Why do expensive communications firms never seem to deliver? Reflecting on a decade spent working in technology and politics, What’s Left contributor Ben Lewis provides some insights. The bottom line: no one knows the goals of a campaign better than the organizers involved, and the best path forward is to build the internal capacity needed to take advantage of constantly changing technologies. Though focused on political campaigns, these strategies are also useful for small not-for-profits and large unions.

Dispatch from the US: While Sanders fights to gain momentum, Trump dominates Republican race | What's Left

It’s been quite interesting to travel the US as the presidential primaries unfold, and with the race focusing in on a few remaining candidates, it’s worth noting some observations.

Access to high speed Internet services should be a right for everyone in Canada | Citizens' Press

While the majority of Canadians have access to Internet services, costs for these services are substantially higher than most other developed countries and high-speed Internet access is still not universally accessible.