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Alberta Conservatives Start Governing by Attacking Worker Rights and Future Generations

The newly elected United Conservative Party under Jason Kenney announced in the speech from the throne that their main priority is to drive wages down for workers, remove protections for workers at work, defund their political opposition, and undermine future generations in Alberta and around the world. Bill 1 is to attack the environment – kicking them while they are down. Bill 2 is going to attack workers, their unions, wages, youth, and health & safety for employees.


#SaveOurLibraries : resisting Ford's ignorant cuts

It was just a question of time before the Ford government went after libraries. Of all the things that are going on in Ontario, it is so sad that we have to take up the fight to defend local library services.


What is a general strike?

Today is May Day, International Workers’ Day. With roots in the workers’ struggle for an 8-hour work day, this day has been marked for more than a century in countries across the world. May Day is a great day for socialists, labour organizers and agitators to draw connections between the workers’ struggle under capitalism and the gains we have made in history. May Day is marked around the world with cultural celebrations and also protests where workers’ rights are under attack.


Ontario Budget 2019 undermines the academic system | Graham Cox

The Ford Government’s cuts to the university sector puts additional strain on an already stressed funding system. The new budget drives an aggressive free-market agenda obsessed with short-term results that does not work in a university setting and will undermine teaching, learning, and research in Ontario. The announced direction for Strategic Mandate Agreement’s (SMAs) will drive universities to align their teaching and research priorities with short-term labour market demands. This will undermine of the long-term research and teaching objectives at the heart of quality academic education and research. In short, the budget is a disaster for the academy and will bring hardship to the workers, students, and faculty on our campuses.

Zelensky looks set for landslide as Ukrainians turn out to vote | Financial Times

‘Mr Zelensky, who largely avoided in-depth interviews and press conferences during the campaign, has provided limited details about his reform plans but has pledged to keep Kiev on an EU integration path.’


“It is New Brunswick that enriches the Irvings, not the Irvings that enrich New Brunswick.”

The NB Media Co-op interviews philosopher and critic Alain Deneault. ‘… the Irvings have developed their structures in a productive corner of the country, forgotten by the public authorities and big capital, in a bid to marginalize competition. Multinationals like Shell, Total and Exxon are led to act in a concerted manner, notwithstanding the competitive relationship they maintain among themselves, when they need to curry favour with one of the many states in which they operate. This opens up the game a little, while in the Maritimes, the family holds outrageous power. They managed to obtain from legislators both tax benefits and a readiness to oblige such as are rarely seen.’


The Green New Campaigns in Canada | Graham Cox

In the US, the Green New Deal has gained deserved momentum because it is being promoted by charismatic elected officials, propelled to power on the basis of their broad left-wing credentials – and not only because of their focus on climate. We cannot bypass this step in Canada. This means that unapologetic socialist elements in our labour party must also be propelled into a position to promote such an agenda.

Regime Change Via Sanctions? U.S. Uses International Finance System to Strangle Venezuelan Economy | Democracy Now

‘You have, on one side, these democratic—so-called democratic governments in Latin America and Europe, and then, on the other side, they always bring up China or Russia or Turkey, saying, you know, authoritarian governments are supporting the government of Venezuela. But when you look at this, you see that it really is just like the coalition of the willing that George W. Bush had, 48 countries. In this case, there’s about 50.’


Education is a right | Roxanne Dubois

From the archives: In 2012, students across the country organized a National Day of Action on February 1. In the lead-up to the day, I wrote a series of posts prompting students to get active in the fight for Education as a right for themselves and the generations of students coming after them. I am re-publishing these posts in the wake of Doug Ford’s attack on students’ unions in Ontario, the only organized and well-resourced force that has historically resisted tuition fee increases and funding cuts to post-secondary education.

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