“It is New Brunswick that enriches the Irvings, not the Irvings that enrich New Brunswick.”

The NB Media Co-op interviews philosopher and critic Alain Deneault. ‘… the Irvings have developed their structures in a productive corner of the country, forgotten by the public authorities and big capital, in a bid to marginalize competition. Multinationals like Shell, Total and Exxon are led to act in a concerted manner, notwithstanding the competitive relationship they maintain among themselves, when they need to curry favour with one of the many states in which they operate. This opens up the game a little, while in the Maritimes, the family holds outrageous power. They managed to obtain from legislators both tax benefits and a readiness to oblige such as are rarely seen.’

French author Edouard Louis' Twitter posts about the yellow vest movement (gilets jaunes)

Citizens’ Press translated Edouard Louis’ reflection on the ongoing yellow vest movement in France.

Actors' Manifesto

A recent news release has pointed out that film and television producers are unsatisfied with the current agreement with the Alliance of Canadian Cinema Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA), the union that represents Canadian film, TV and radio performers, and this is forcing our actors to go on strike. Even with all the tax credits and government funding they get, producers are still trying change the rules so that actors can’t get a fair break.

You Tarzan, me Adam: I found out in a theater that my book inspired the film

Imagine my surprise when, a few weeks ago, in a theater of a mall, I encountered two characters I had written about in my own book: King Leopold’s Ghost | by Adam Hochschild | Warning: contains spoilers

Songs to spice up your January | What's Left

Through a guest submission to What’s Left, we present some carefullyselected songs to beat-back the winter blues.

First Nation chiefs ask court to block forestry agreements

Chiefs seek injunction, alleging plan to give more Crown wood to industry violates treaty rights | CBC | Click HERE to read article

Jailed PFLP leader: Only a one-state solution is possible

Ahmad Saadat, currently serving 30 years in Israeli prison, believes peace talks will deepen Palestinian rift. | Haaretz | Click HERE to read article From CounterPunch: *Israel’s Real Target is Not Hamas, It’s Any Possibility of Palestinian Statehood*

US Corporate Tax ‘Inversions', Shadow Banks, & the New Global Finance Capital Elite

by Jack Rasmus | TeleSUR | Click HERE to read article Global capitalism is growing progressively less interested in making things for profit than it is in generating forms of money capital as profit.

August 1914: The Great Betrayal and Collapse of the Second International

By Rob Sewell | IMT | Click HERE to read article This year marks not only 100 years since the outbreak of the First World War, but it also marks the centenary of another debacle: the collapse of the Second International, the international body that brought under its banner all the mass workers’ parties.

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