Right to Organize

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Here you will find resources to fight back against the Tory attack on workers' rights to build unions in order to defend their interests. Labour, organized into politically active and democratic unions, is essential to the support of all other social justice movements. It is why the Conservative activists in Canada and around the world are so hostile to them. No matter what nonsensical arguments right-wingers put forward, their main reason to attack unions is to undermine the most powerful opposition to their regressive agenda.

Protecting Freedom of Association

by Graham H. Cox — last modified Feb 17, 2013 06:50 PM
Resources, talking points and political action you can take in the broad campaign to defend unions and workers against the Conservative movement's cynical attack on their opponents in the labour movement. The resources are broken down by experts, outlined in short talking points, and some actions to take are suggested.

Bill C-377

by Graham H. Cox — last modified Feb 07, 2013 04:21 PM
Here you will find resources to understand and join the fight against Bill C-377. Bill C-377 is a federal piece of legislation that is a highly partisan and political attack on the right of free association in Canada. Outlined under the different sections (Expert Analysis, Talking Points and Taking Action) are series of expert analysis and opinion of what C-377 will mean for not just the labour movement in Canada, but for everyone who thinks that federal laws should not be used to directly attack political opponents.
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