Social Impact Bonds: The Next Stage of Casino Capitalism

Social Impact Bonds come from the same dark place in the financial world as complex derivatives, the trading of which lead to the great financial crisis. They are a way for the great gamblers of financial markets to place bets on 'success,' in this case betting on the delivery of social services on the cheap. It is a disaster in the making for anyone who actually needs support.

The Middle Ground Is Not Rational When It Comes To Climate Change | Citizens' Press

A NYT article tries to suggest that there is a new position coming from the scientific community when it comes to climate change. It continues by stating that this position is the 'middle' position, presumably between those that deny that the entire science community is correct in their analysis that the earth is warming because of human behaviour and those radicals that make the absurd claim that we should do something about it.

Sick Leave Stats and CFIB Nonsense

The CFIB have released their annual report that attacks the public sector's higher reported sick days (when compared to the private sector). The analysis they put forward is bogus and their recommendations essentially amount to an attack on women and health care workers. If their recommendations were adopted it would be disastrous for public health and safety.

Unions Have Proposed More Solutions than Hudak Ever Has

Hudak's Op/Eds are rambling diatribes against unions and working people more generally. In his latest he says unions have never offered an alternative to his strategy of destroying decent jobs in Ontario. However, working peoples' organizations have proposed more innovative solutions to the economic problems facing Ontario than the Conservatives ever have.