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Education Isn't the Key to a Good Income | The Atlantic

by Faiz Ahmed — last modified Oct 03, 2017 08:10 AM
"Rothstein’s work also comports well with some research findings out of Canada. The country has relatively high rates of intergenerational mobility—significantly higher than in the United States or Britain. That said, this past year, the University of Ottawa economist Miles Corak found that, similar to the U.S., where one grows up in Canada seems to largely determine one’s economic chances in adulthood. Marie Connolly, an economist at the University of Quebec in Montreal who collaborates with Corak, told me that after studying geographic mobility across Canada, her team has identified similar patterns as Rothstein did in the United States. “Education is just not a big part of the story,” she says. “You can see a little role for school quality, but the structure of the labor market seems to be a much bigger driver.”

Hard choices for Syrian industrialists in ruins of Aleppo | Reuters

by Faiz Ahmed — last modified Oct 03, 2017 07:31 AM
"In 2010, Aleppo had about a third of Syria’s industrial companies and industry workers, Central Bureau of Statistics figures show. There were about a million people employed in its factories ... During the decade before the war Assad’s economic reforms helped Aleppo’s businesses to grow more quickly. ... Before the war there were 65,000, he said. When the rebels left in December there were 4,000. There are now 6,000, he said, attributing the rise to returning industrialists who are restarting their businesses. ... Before the war there were 65,000 [factories]. When the rebels left in December there were 4,000. There are now 6,000"

Jeremy Corbyn’s keynote speech to the Labour Party Conference, delivered in Brighton on September 27

by Faiz Ahmed — last modified Oct 02, 2017 09:04 AM
"Conference, there were two stars of our election campaign. The first was our Manifesto that drew on the ideas of our members and trade unionists and the hopes and aspirations of their communities and workplaces. And we were clear about how we would pay for it by asking the richest and the largest corporations to start paying their fair share. ... And Conference, the other star of that campaign was YOU. Our members, our supporters in the trade unions, our doorstep and social media campaigners. Young people sharing messages and stories on social media, hundreds of thousands organising online and on the ground to outplay the Tories’ big money machine. Is it any wonder that here today in Brighton you represent the largest political party in western Europe, with nearly 600,000 members, alongside three million affiliated trade unionists, brimming with enthusiasm and confidence in the potential of our people. You are the future."

Patrick Cockburn: Why the Kurdish Independence Referendum was a Miscalculation | Counter Punch

by Faiz Ahmed — last modified Oct 02, 2017 08:57 AM
"The four countries with Kurdish minorities fear that secessionism might spread, but a further problem is that they do not believe that an Iraqi Kurdish state would be truly independent, but would shift into the orbit of another power. The Iranians are paranoid about the possibility that such a state would be an American base threatening Iran. Politicians in Baghdad say that, if the Kurds are serious about self-determination, they would cling onto the oil fields of Kirkuk and be dependent on Turkey through which to export their crude."

How Jagmeet Singh won the NDP leadership | CBC

by Faiz Ahmed — last modified Oct 02, 2017 07:37 AM
"There were strong indications throughout the campaign that Singh's support was largely being drawn from new members. Pre-existing members of the party were instead opting for sitting MPs and long-time party figures Charlie Angus, Niki Ashton and Guy Caron. ... Between May and the second week of September — the last date for which fundraising data is available — Singh raised 53 per cent of all the money raised by the four candidates. He was followed by Angus at 20 per cent, Ashton at 16 per cent and Caron at 11 per cent. That matches the results quite closely. The potential for Singh's first ballot victory was hiding in plain sight. ... he has already smashed expectations by winning on Sunday in stunning fashion, becoming only the third person, after Douglas and Layton, to win the NDP leadership on a single ballot. To put him in such august company, New Democrats must believe he can continue to defy expectations."

Hezbollah says Kurdish vote a step towards wider Mideast partition | Reuters

by Faiz Ahmed — last modified Oct 01, 2017 09:28 AM
"In a speech to followers, Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said the Israeli government did not have “a correct assessment of where this war will lead if they ignite it”, and did not know how it would end. ... Nasrallah said earlier this year that a future Israeli war against Syria or Lebanon could draw thousands of fighters from countries such as Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Pakistan, and could take place inside Israel."
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