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What to write about? | What's Left 100th Edition

by Editors (What's Left) — last modified Nov 14, 2017 02:38 PM
Reading the news today is like living through a poorly written dystopian novel, but without any of the exciting grittiness that comes with a real apocalypse or the fun of Zombieland. And, the current contradictions make it difficult to focus on a topic to write about. We have economic growth with rising inequality. Right-wing populism without a populist left-wing response. The decline of social democratic parties, but with a rising acceptance of democratic socialist values. Increased access to knowledge, but less real understanding. Increased politicization, but no clear path to political power. It makes one's head spin.

Yemeni Journalist: Saudi Arabia’s Total Blockade on Yemen is “Death Sentence” for All | Democracy Now

by Faiz Ahmed — last modified Nov 09, 2017 06:50 PM
"The U.N. says aid agencies were given no prior notice of the Saudi decision to shut down all land, air and seaports in Yemen. ... the U.S. administration has to admit that it is giving its political backing to the Saudi-led coalition. It has given its support with the arms sales and the intelligence and logistic assistance to the military operation. The U.S. Navy has about 80 percent control over the ports to Yemen."

The Nakba

by JBB — last modified Nov 04, 2017 09:05 PM
Between 750,000 and one million Palestinians were forced out their homes in the years leading up to 1948, fleeing the unrest caused by Zionist militias that had come to Mandate Palestine to set up a Jewish state. The Nakba, or Catastrophe, created what has now become the world’s longest lasting refugee crisis with camps being set up in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria to home expelled Palestinians. Though they were due to be temporary structures, the camps became permanent and still stand today. As families expand, the camps have become overpopulated. Here MEMO gives you the opportunity to walk along a Palestinian refugee’s journey through the Nakba to the modern day.

Bill C-58 keeps public in the dark about privatization | CUPE

by Faiz Ahmed — last modified Oct 31, 2017 11:20 AM
"CUPE and other critics are warning that instead of broadening access, Bill C-58 creates new barriers for people who want to access information about the federal government and its departments and operations. CUPE is calling for the Liberals to uphold and expand the public’s right to know essential information about privatization. This information is routinely not fully disclosed under the existing laws."

CIA Considered Bombing Miami and Killing Refugees to Blame Castro | Miami New Times

by Faiz Ahmed — last modified Oct 30, 2017 11:34 AM
"The campaign was included in a report on "pretexts" the U.S. could conjure up to justify a military intervention in Cuba. The paper was sent by Gen. Edward Landsdale, a top Cold War officer who worked with the CIA to plot out Operation Mongoose; he sent the report, which included nine other "pretexts," on April 12, 1962, to Gen. Maxwell Taylor, who would soon become chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff."

Are Quebec's private high schools creating a segregated society? | CBC

by Faiz Ahmed — last modified Oct 29, 2017 12:02 PM
"The Quebec government spends half a billion dollars to subsidize private high schools ... Last spring in Quebec's National Assembly, the leader of the left-wing party Québec Solidaire brought forward a motion asking the government to halt all subsidies to private schools. ... In a very rare moment, the Liberal government and the opposition Parti Québécois were on the same page. The motion was defeated 102 to 2."

Corbynite candidate aims to capitalise on Scottish Labour youth surge | The Guardian

by Faiz Ahmed — last modified Oct 28, 2017 03:36 PM
"This is not Jeremy Corbyn but Richard Leonard, a former industrial organiser now running for the Scottish Labour leadership. His campaign team is certain his Corbynite credentials play especially well with younger voters, contrasting his “rough but authentic” politics to those of his rival Anas Sarwar, dismissed by critics as a managerial centrist."
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