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Richard Wolff: We Need a More Humane Economic System—Not One That Only Benefits the Rich

by Faiz Ahmed — last modified Dec 26, 2018 08:02 PM
"[Political leaders have] ratcheted down the quality of jobs. We’ve made people use up their savings since the great crash of 2008, so they’re in a bind. They have really no choice but to offer themselves at lower wages or at less benefit or at less security than before, which is why there’s the anger, which is why there was the vote for Mr. Trump in the first place, because this talk of recovery really is about that stock market with the funny money that the Fed Reserve pumped in, but is not about the real lives of people, which are in serious trouble, hence the numbers, like a average American family can’t get a $400 emergency [loan] because it doesn’t have that kind of money in the background. So, you’ve undone the underlying economy, you have this frothy stock market for the 1 percent, and this is an impossible tension tearing the country apart."

The Enigma of China’s Growth

by JBB — last modified Dec 25, 2018 10:27 PM
by Zhiming Long and Rémy Herrera | Monthly Review | China’s economic development and success has been widely misunderstood and treated with perplexity. This overview of the Chinese economy provides an analysis of the drivers of the country’s growth and crises, including industrialization and the agrarian question.

Gideon Levy has No Sympathy for Colonists as a Group

by JBB — last modified Dec 25, 2018 09:59 PM
Gideon Levy: all colonists and all Israelis share responsibility for the occupation and apartheid system in Palestine. There is sympathy for individuals, but there is no symmetry: the power is on the Israeli side | TRNN

Economic crisis and global disorder

by JBB — last modified Dec 25, 2018 09:45 PM
by Michel Husson | International Viewpoint | Ten years after the bankruptcy of Lehmann Brothers, more and more analyses are being produced centring on two questions: how did it happen? Can it happen again? But they are almost all centred on the workings of finance, past or future. The point of view adopted here is a little different, since it seeks to identify the economic roots of global disorder. Its guiding principle is as follows: the exhaustion of the dynamism of capitalism and the crisis that opened ten years ago are leading to an increasingly chaotic globalization, bringing new crises, economic and social.

The Harsh Logic of Palestinian Dispossession

by JBB — last modified Dec 25, 2018 09:41 PM
David Palumbo-Liu | Jacobin | Israel’s illegal settlement construction has devastated Palestinians for years. But Israel is now going a step further: requiring Palestinians to destroy their homes themselves, or face prison time.

Trump is right to withdraw US troops from Syria | The Guardian

by Faiz Ahmed — last modified Dec 21, 2018 06:10 PM
"First under Obama, and then under Trump, the US military quietly built up its on the ground presence in Syria without any public debate and often under the veil of official secrecy. The American public often only found out that troops were stationed there because of leaks to the media or quiet announcements long after they arrived. In fact, just six days ago the Washington Post reported that US troops would be stationed in Syria “indefinitely” and now occupy over one third of the country. The Post referred to it as our “hidden war in Syria”. No one seemed to care about that at the time, but now that troops may be coming home, everyone is upset."

Next left: Corbyn, Sanders and the return of socialism | Ben Tarnoff

by Roxanne Dubois — last modified Dec 18, 2018 04:43 PM
"American and British socialists are no longer constantly losing. They are occasionally even winning. They are building institutions, running for office, organising workplaces, engaging in direct action and mutual aid. Against the nihilism of the right and the timidity of the centre, they are advancing a vision of a habitable future, one where the working class in all of its variety – young, migrant, queer – can live."
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