The revolt of the regions: what Quebec and New Brunswick’s election teach us about populism | NB Media Coop

by Graham H. Cox last modified 2018-10-19T10:36:33-04:00
"Both the PANB and CAQ have mobilized a mainly rural base. Raymond Blanchard, research agent for the Fédération des étudiantes et étudiants du Campus universitaire de Moncton, pointed out the importance of “forgotten regions” in the PANB’s appeal. Leader Kris Austin’s riding of Fredericton Grand-Lake is a case in point; the rural portions of this riding have short-staffed public services, a disconnection from urban Fredericton, and a mostly unilingual Anglophone population. CAQ also won most of its victory in the rural regions of Quebec – areas both negatively affected by Liberal Party austerity and alienated from increasingly cosmopolitan Montreal."
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