The Israeli James Bond? Arnon Milchan and His Ties to the Secret Services | Ha'aretz

by Faiz Ahmed last modified 2018-02-14T17:05:54-04:00
"Milchan confirmed long-standing speculation that he had worked as an agent for Israel’s clandestine security services for many years, purchasing arms for the country and assisting in the development of the nuclear capabilities that foreign media attribute to Israel. ... Milchan disclosed that he had been enlisted into the secret services by Shimon Peres, the former Israeli prime minister who played an instrumental role in building the country’s military capabilities in its early years. ... According to the LA Magazine article, Milchan represented Israel in arms negotiations over the years with such heavyweights as Raytheon, North American Rockwell, Beechcraft, Bell Helicopter and Magnavox. He insisted he had never helped sell arms to any other country but Israel, and therefore should not be labeled an “arms dealer.”"
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