Muslims Under Attack: Solidarity or ‘Left Secularism’

by JBB last modified 2019-05-07T09:20:11-04:00
An op-ed by John Clarke | Socialist Project | I want a society where the need for religion is replaced by a sense of solidarity and purpose among people no longer dominated by the profit needs of a few but who work together to make life as rich and beautiful as it can be. I believe that the movements we build against the present system can begin that process of ending the need for ‘illusory happiness’. From the words of Karl Marx and the conclusions I draw from them, however, I see little reason to regulate how anyone dresses or to try to ban their religious devotions in the name of a distorted ‘secularism’. I see, in fact, plenty of reasons to challenge the racist upsurge of Islamophobia and to show the fullest solidarity with Muslim communities under attack.
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