Far-right ideology detailed in Christchurch shooting manifesto | The Guardian

by Faiz Ahmed last modified 2019-03-15T07:29:53-04:00
"The document introduces its author as having grown up in a working-class, low-income family. “I am just a regular white man, from a regular family, who decided to take a stand to ensure a future for my people,” it says. “My parents are of Scottish, Irish and English stock. I had a regular childhood, without any great issues.” In a question-and-answer section of the manifesto, the author claims he was not seeking fame and was actually a “private and mostly introverted person”. He describes himself as an “ethno-nationalist” and a “fascist”. The author says the attack had been planned for two years and that though New Zealand was not the original choice for the attack, the Christchurch location was scoped out three months in advance."
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