Accounts of Syria rebels executing prisoners raise new human rights concerns | McClatchy

by Faiz Ahmed last modified 2012-08-14T01:15:57-04:00
"More than a dozen men were captured alive and then summarily executed ... The incident doesn’t appear to be isolated, either ... The Agence France-Presse news service, meanwhile, cited a top Iraqi security official in a report July 19 describing the rebels’ takeover of a border outpost. According to the official in the report, “they executed 22 soldiers in front of the eyes of Iraqi soldiers.” ... Meanwhile, the so-called Daoud Battalion, a rebel force that operates in Jebel al Zawiyah in northern Syria, used its captives and suspected spies in an “ingenious” form of vehicle bombings against regime targets ... The rebels put the prisoners in cars rigged with explosives and then remotely detonated the bombs when the vehicles approached government checkpoints."
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