‘Maduro, our amigo’: loyalists in Venezuela cling to their man | The Guardian

by Faiz Ahmed last modified 2019-02-10T11:27:56-04:00
"[S]ome in the opposition were bent on “exterminating” Chavismo but [former loyalist, Nicmer Evans] believed that the movement had to be involved in Venezuela’s reconstruction “for the wellbeing of the country”. “It needs to exist as a political party – just like all the others parties.” ... Evans said a fierce internal battle is now raging within the Socialist party, with a trio of Chavistas – Diosdado Cabello, Héctor Rodríguez and Tareck El Aissami – topping the list of likely Maduro replacements. “They know that keeping Maduro in power is a risk to the movement itself … [But] if Chavismo can get away from Maduro, maybe it can rebuild and be one of the many alternatives in the country in the medium-term.”"
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