Hudak Lashes-Out at Working People as Only A Tory Would

by Graham H. Cox last modified 2012-07-04T11:04:57-04:00
Hot on the heals of losing the court challenge to the Working Families Coalition (a rather centrist collection of labour unions that dislike Tory policy), Hudak lashes out at working people in the province. This new attack on basic rights is a public relations exercise wrapped in what they call a policy "whitepaper".

It is very hard to take Hudak and the Ontario Tories seriously these days. They have been absent from the debate on the future of our province's budget and have offered nothing of substance since Harris.

Another case in point is their latest caucus position paper (or is it a public relations exercise?) that is full of half-truths, bad analysis and just out-right illegal policy recommendations. Much of what is being proposed by the new "so far to the right we fell off the chart" libertarian Tories are both unconstitutional (changes to union dues collection) and re-hashed failed policies from the past (inefficient tendering processes for basic public services). Proposals such as undermining the constitutional right to join a union, gutting the ability of workers to demand better than poverty wages, and the suggestion that Ontario has to eliminate worker protections and safety regulations so we can compete with Mexico free-trade zones and China are not serious policy options for Ontario.

The new paper tries to couch the modern Ontario workplace standards as outdated 1940 labour laws. What Hudak proposes instead are "modern" 1890 labour laws that would undermine any standard of living in Ontario. It is the same tired refrain from a party that has jumped the shark in terms of policy ideas for growth. All it has now is the "blame the greedy worker" kinds of analysis on the decline in manufacturing in the province---simply because the worker wants to sustain the economic health of their families and communities.

It is clear that the Tories, instead of engaging in policy development, are engaging in vacuous public relations exercises to lash out at an increasing number of people who see their ideas as irrelevant.

One thing is for sure, if the province is doing poorly now, implementing policy that comes from the folks that brought us the recession will only make things worse. Sadly, this is all Hudak is offering up in these so-called "whitepapers". See his previous blathering paper for terrible ideas for privatizing Ontario power distribution.

Taking workers' rights away and giving free reign of our economy and future over to those companies that have abandoned our province as they seek to drive down safety, environmental and work standards is not the way forward.

Ontario needs some real job creation ideas that do not send us back to the dark ages. What is needed is a vision that invests in our strengths, leverages our creative and educated population and supports the workers, families and communities that make this province great.

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