US military aid to keep flowing to Egypt | AFP

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“US military support makes up the lion’s share of Washington’s annual aid package to Egypt, with only $250 million in economic assistance compared to the $1.3 billion provided every year for defense.” Full article here.

Also see: US aid still flows to Egyptian military amid massacres | Press TV

“The United States has shown no sign to stop its $1.3 billion in annual aid to the Egyptian military as the latest figures show over 500 people have died in the recent fatal crackdown on supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi.”

And: U.S. will pay a price for its hypocrisy on Egypt: Siddiqui | The Toronto Star

“All this will not be lost on the Muslim masses in Egypt and elsewhere. There will be a price to pay — we don’t quite know when and where and how. But as American pollster Dalia Mogahed, who has surveyed Muslim societies worldwide, says, it is useful to remind ourselves that “Al Qaeda was conceived in the prisons of Egypt and, contrary to conventional wisdom, not the caves of Afghanistan.”