Left Noise: Making racists afraid again

A list of tunes for all your Trump protest needs.

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1. B. Dolan “Make Racists Afraid Again”

Also, get your own hideous red ball cap - only this one has the slogan “make racists afraid again.”


2. Bruce Springsteen - Born in the USA (Feat. White Nationalist Richard Spencer and a hero from outta nowhere!)

While liberals question whether we should be assaulting fascists or not, you can ponder which one of these amazing mashups is the best!


3. Father John Misty “Pure Comedy”

Pure Comedy

Father John Misty, has shared a new song on his YouTube channel titled “Pure Comedy”. The single is unquestionably a response to Donald Trump’s swearing in as president, and the overwhelming protests and responses worldwide. The video and lyrics describe Trump as a natural disaster, mashing together footage of explosions, forest fires and Trump’s speeches and rallies.


4. Six writers on why we need art now

A collection of some thoughts from artists about why art is important, and why it’s especially important now.


5. These 11 Songs Protest Donald Trump in the White House

Protest Songs


6. Remembering Rock Against Racism—how music helped to fight the Nazis

Rock Against Racism (RAR) was formed 40 years ago. A new book, Reminiscences of RAR, gives voice to some of those involved. Sadie Robinson looks at some of those voices.