Citizens' Press revisits great works of literature

| 12 February, 2017

It is widely said that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. While this should be obvious to any modern society, these times require us to never take for granted some of the most basic assumptions. As we seek answers to understand the increasingly divided, unequal, and unpredictable world we live in, going back in time and space is a good place to start. It seems more appropriate than ever to revisit great classics of literature, to soak in the world order that once was in order to understand the context and conflicts of today.


Many avid readers have hopes to make it through a significant number of great classics over their lifetimes. While an ambitious project, it has the advantage of giving perspective, depth and analysis to book lovers of all sorts. Reading through historical works allows us to gain knowledge about the authors, their lives and the time period they lived in. From time to time, the team at Citizens' Press will dive into a classic work of literature from the past and outline its relevance for today’s readers. You may find it overly ambitious to read through all classics yourself, but we hope to bring you short summaries and insight into books you may have not read. Perhaps this will even encourage you to pick them up yourself. The reviews will be tagged under Classics and featured in the Arts and Culture section. Books read in French will be reviewed in French, and books read in English will be reviewed in English. While the fight for social justice remains hard and grueling, our hope is to remind socialists that we are but a small pebble in the long road to justice and equality for all, and that the struggle continues, even today.

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