We have greatly enjoyed writing What's Left each week this year. We are grateful to you all for the words of encouragement and solidarity (and constructive criticism/corrections) received every week. This has helped to improve the newsletter and keeps us going.

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Comrades, fellow travellers and our few loyal conservative readers,

At Citizens’ Press, we try our best to focus on the positive results of socialist struggles in Canada and around the world. The hope for positive change for working people fuels our work. We are thrilled to notice that 2015 was marked by many transitions that socialists should feel good about.

To that end, we would like to highlight some of your work that made these wins, victories and general awesomeness possible.

For next year, we look forward to supporting all your struggles for a better future for all of peace, solidarity, equality, justice and emancipation. In a word, your struggle for socialism.

Greek people rise-up again and again to remind us all that Workers of Europe[[http://citizenspress.us10.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=27d7d00e19a37005743125d7e&id=7f9914588c&e=8484a6ba75][reject the politics of hate, fear and division]] in the face of mass targeted extremist violence.  

Portuguese, Spanish, French, English, Scottish and German [[http://citizenspress.us10.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=27d7d00e19a37005743125d7e&id=904857ae4e&e=8484a6ba75][socialists re-establish that their politics]] are still the politics of the masses.  

Progressive militancy, mass organizing and left analysis against race-based violence prove Black Lives Matter.  

Capitalism is dealt a blow in its heartland as precarious workers act collectively to fight for a \$15 minimum wage and win rights in the US and Canada.  

Solidarity across borders succeeds in the face of entrenched Islamophobia as refugees are welcome here and around the world.  

Alberta socialism wins majority support in the land of rampant rationalism on a real progressive platform.  

Lefties continue their expression in art from SciFi literature to personal and political essays.  

Climate justice campaigns break into the mainstream to force Capital to take notice and actually respond.  

Feminism digs up its roots in working class politics and takes on a mass movement character.

Progressive cybertariate action wins victory after victory against both corporate and state attempts to lock-down and limit Internet access.

For Citizens’ Press there have also been some victories:

A full rewrite of the back-end of the website and move to Plone 5.

A move to our new domain cpress.org.

The launch of this e-newsletter.

Establishment of our Facebook page (10 years late) and steady growth of new readers there.

Over 1200 regulars on the Citizens’ Press Features RSS feed.

Over 2800 readers a week to cpress.org front page.

Over 1000 regulars on the Leftnews RSS.

Over 4500 unique visitors a month to cpress.org and subsites.

Over 2000 followers on Twitter.

We are a small, unfunded group who produce this in our spare time and are driven entirely on the passion to build on the hopes and dreams of those who come before us. Just like the rest of the Left.

To everyone in both peace and struggle, happy New Years!

  • The editors, contributors and members of The Citizens’ Press