What's Left 2016-11-27 Volume 83

A crash course in digital security; Freelance Isn't Free Act passes in NYC; Jack London's hope for a better world is worth revisiting 100 years later; Left Noise

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A crash course in digital security

The election of The Donald has raised more concern about personal privacy and digital security on the internet. For those who thought that previous US administrations over-zealously compromised the online privacy of innocent people around the world the Trump era isn’t gonna get any better.

For those who aren’t that concerned, you should be. Chances are that most of your online communications, encrypted or not, have been, and continue to be swept up, and catalogued by intelligence agencies  and profit-seeking companies around the world. These claims may sound conspiratorial, but with the revelations of Edward Snowden and dozens of court cases, it has been clear that these claims are factual.

Perhaps now it a good opportunity to think about how secure your communications really are. Below are a series of of articles that detail some best practices for improving your online security. They are easy to understand guides sharing the steps to protect your communications and personal privacy with little inconvenience.

1. Read these articlesProtecting the Republic: Securing Communications is More Important than Ever

Surveillance self-defense against the Trump administration

2. See if your passwords have already compromised Enter your email address on this site and it will search through many of the major hacks that have occurred and let you know if your username and password for that service were stolen. • Have i been pwned?

3. Update your passwordsYour Password Sucks. Sincerely, Edward.

4. Learn from Clinton’s mistakes, secure your emailDear Clinton team: we noticed you might need some email security tips

5. Use Signal for secure communicationsInstall Signal

Signal for Beginners

Security tips every Signal user should know

6. Give your folks a hand3 Ways to Boost Your Family’s Online Security This Holiday


Freelance Isn’t Free Act passes in NYC

A year-long campaign led by the Freelancers’ Union is the United States has reached a major victory for freelance and creative-class workers in New York City. In October, New York City became the first city in North America to pass law to protect freelancers. The new law includes a requirement to have written contracts and 30-day payment periods for temporary workers, contract workers and independent contractors. It also includes recourse for freelance workers in case of non-payment. This positive result came about after sustained organizing and mobilizing within the freelance community, including petitions, days of action and pressure on elected city councilors. The victory is a great example of a creative campaign oriented towards workers’ rights. In a precarious economy, workers and their unions must find ways, such as passing the Freelance Isn’t Free Act, to build power and bring about changes that improve working conditions.

Freelance Isn’t Free Act Passes in NYC with 51 votes!

Who’s Working in the ‘Gig Economy’?

Working freelance? Join the Canadian Freelance Union!

Jack London’s hope for a better world is worth revisiting 100 years later

100 years ago this month, Jack London passed away at the age of 40. London was an American novelist, journalist and activist who spent much of his life writing and fighting for workers’ rights and socialism. His famous works include White Fang, The Call of the Wild, and The Sea Wolf. Socialists may be most familiar with The Iron Heel, a story of love in which London imagines a backdrop of class struggle, where a people’s revolution is followed by a bloody State-led repression on working people. A century after his life and writing, London’s militancy, struggle and hope for a better world remain incredibly relevant.

100 Years After Jack London’s Death, Hearing His Call

Astral Travels with Jack London

The many sides of Jack London

Jack London’s vision of workers’ future looks a lot like our present

100 years after his death, a new look at author Jack London categories: [“What’s Left”]

Rarely Seen Photos by Jack London


1. Phil Ochs - Love me, I’m a liberal

2016, hopefully, marks the death of liberalism.

2. A Tribe Called Quest’s Final Blessing

This is A Tribe Called Quest’s most political album to date. It’s timely.

3. Protests against far-right music groups

Montreal concert linked to far right cancelled after protest

Woody Allen knows how to handle the rising tide of fascism.

4. 2016 keeps on letting us down: the death of Sharon Jones

Singer Sharon Jones Remembered by Barbara Kopple: “She Was So Vibrant!”

Here is Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings with “What if we all stop paying taxes”

A great live version of This Land is Your Land

5. Why Did Rapper KXNG Crooked Make an Entire Album About Killing Cops?

His provocative concept record is designed to spark activism, not violence

“If they listen to the album and the only thing they get out of it is that I said I would kill a cop, then they missed the point. Enough is enough.”

6. A Song of Love and Longing on the Mexican Border

Although he can only spy his daughter through the mesh, Mr. Marquez’s emotions are clear.

With his accordion strapped to his chest, he serenades her with a song he wrote just for her.

7. Don’t Just Sit Back and Hope Metal and Punk “Get Better” Under Trump

Write the songs. Buy the albums. Then hit the streets.