What's Left 2016-08-01 Volume 68

Ottawa community rallies for Abdirahman Abdi;Changing Workplaces Review interim report released;A book for techies and privacy wonks: The Circle by Dave Eggers;LEFT NOISE

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Ottawa community rallies for Abdirahman Abdi

Hundreds rallied in Ottawa this week following the death of 37 year old Abdirahman Abdi. The Somalian-Canadian with mental health issues died after a violent encounter with police in Hintonburg. The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is conducting an investigation on two police officers involved in Abdi’s death.

This incident comes at a time when the backlash against Black Lives Matter has been broadcast in every media outlet for much of the summer. The sad news of Abdi’s death has been a rallying cry that black lives matter in Ottawa too.

Why Canada needs Black Lives Matter

Ottawa man critically injured during arrest has died

Witness who recorded arrest that left man critically hurt describes emotional toll

‘You think this is funny’: Demonstrators take outrage over Abdi death to Ottawa police headquarters

‘March for Justice for Abdirahman Abdi’ in Ottawa draws hundreds

Let death of Abdirahman Abdi be last of its kind

Black Lives Matter s’exporte à Montréal



Changing Workplaces Review interim report released

For months, the release of the Changing Workplaces Review’s interim report has been delayed. The current Government of Ontario has made this review its attempt at modernizing the Employment Standards Act and the Labour Relations Act. It is an important process that will have a substantial impact for workers in the province.

While the report is lengthy and contains interesting options, it was unfortunately released on July 27 – at the height of summer – when media interest for such policy issues are very low. Optimistically, it starts from the premise that precarious work is problematic and any options proposed by the government will have to include the principle of “decency”.

As this review progresses, the struggle will continue to build public awareness and support for options that will benefit workers in Ontario, including a $15 minimum wage, paid sick days, fair scheduling, and easier rules to join unions. The movement will be building towards a day of action on October 1st to pressure the provincial government to make changes that will benefit working people.

Changing Workplaces Review Special Advisors’ Interim Report

Workplace violations widespread in Ontario, government report says

How workers stuck in precarious jobs would make things better

Changes needed for Ontario’s freelancers and independent contractors | Canadian Freelance Union

Rally for Decent Work! October 1



A book for techies and privacy wonks: The Circle by Dave Eggers

When a young woman in her twenties lands a job at the world’s largest tech company, she sees only shine and glitter. Her new job at The Circle is the starting point of this novel by Dave Eggers, in which he paints the picture of an advanced tech world where “sharing is caring” and “privacy is theft”.

Review: The Circle by Dave Eggers | Citizens’ Press Arts & Culture



Born in Flames

This week’s Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) had a free screening of the classic revolutionary film Born in Flames. Have a listen to the theme song by the Red Krayolas.

The Red Krayolas - Born in Flames

Max Richter on the Chilcot Inquiry

Brilliant contemporary composer Max Richter rips into Blair in response to the Chilcot Inquiry.

Richter’s 2004 album The Blue Notebook was written in response to the beginning of the disastrous and illegal war of aggression against Iraq.

Check out Vladimir’s Blues from that album.

Also, check out Richter’s classical for beginners playlist.

But most importantly, check out his haunting masterpiece Sarajevo (turn it way up or wear headphones).

Gil Scott-Heron

Gil Scott-Heron with Whitey on the Moon

May’s Musical “taste”

This week in links not to click - learn just how awful the new leader of the UK’s taste in music is and be totally not surprised.

An Investigation Into Theresa May’s Proper Horrible Taste in Music

John Oliver: campaign songs

John Oliver did a great song about shitty politicians stealing songs for their campaigns. Next week we will have some Dropkick Murphys on Left Noise - just cause they are literally awesome!

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Campaign Songs (HBO)