What's Left 2016-04-24 Volume 55

This week in Left Noise; Ontario Superior Court gives victory for workers' rights; Opposition to Trans-Pacific Partnership growing; Private energy sector partners in trouble

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This week in Left Noise

First, have a listen to Sarah Ogan Gunning  singing “Lets sink this Capitalist System in the darkest pits of Hell” in the classic “Come All Ye Coal Miners”.

Come All Ye Coal Miners

Bonus: Uncle Tupelo cover version.


Prince died this week. Digg has a good round-up of the writings about his life and death, Boombox has a good list of his most political songs, and, for the melancholy, a YouTube video is below of Prince covering Radiohead’s song “Creep”. It is also important to note that Prince was a champion of the working class and was a union member for over 40 years: the AFL-CIO remembers Prince with a tribute.

Remembering Prince

Political Songs by Prince

“Creep” - Prince at Coachella 2008

Prince was a champion for working people | AFL-CIO


Keeping with south of the boarder politics, the artists YG and Nipsey have release a great diss track about Donald Trump: (FDT - Fuck Donald Trump). Can’t wait to hear Trump’s response.

FDT - Article and Video


And, finally, Edward Snowden has a little more time on his hands and has teamed up with Jean-Michel Jarre to release a new techno track.

Edward Snowden Made a Techno Track; Will He EGOT?

The Story behind “Exit” || Jean-Michel Jarre & Edward Snowden



Ontario Superior Court gives victory for workers’ rights

The Liberal government of Ontario passed Bill 115 in 2013 which stripped workers in the education sector of their rights to bargain collectively. In response, unions launched a Charter challenge against the law.

This week, Justice Lederer of the Ontario Superior Court handed workers a victory in their fight for the right to bargain and against the Liberal government. In his decisions, he wrote that Bill 115 was a flawed piece of legislation and “not just on the economic circumstances of education workers but on their associational rights and the dignity, autonomy and equality that comes with the exercise of that fundamental freedom.”

In particularly strong language against the government the court stated the following:

“Arbitrary” is an adjective. It can describe a thing which is based on change or is unfair. Cambridge Dictionaries Online explains the latter as follows: “using unlimited personal power without considering other people’s wishes”. In this vein, “arbitrary” can also mean “despotic”. The putting in place of the means by which Ontario’s goals were to be met was arbitrary.

CUPE heralds major court victory in Bill 115 charter challenge

Opposition to Trans-Pacific Partnership growing

Fair trade activists, unions, US presidential candidates, and even shoe companies are part of majority of people opposed to the Trans-Pacific Partnership. So, why is it still moving ahead? The agreement has not been signed yet, but now that people have seen the text of the agreement that was negotiated in secret it shows just how bad it is.

Shoemaker New Balance Challenges Obama On Trans-Pacific Partnership

TPP Consultation Turns Away Scores of Lower Mainlanders

Send your message to decision-makers today: the TPP is not a good deal for Canada

TPP: Urgent need for full, independent assessment



Private energy sector partners in trouble

One of the largest solar power companies has filed for bankruptcy. Even when there is massive growth and demand for the shift to renewables, private energy companies seem unable to respond without massive subsidies. The only response is for publicly owned companies to build the future people want.

Solar panel firm SunEdison files for bankruptcy protection

How to Socialize America’s Energy