Tory Agenda to Destroy the Canadian Union Movement Becoming Clear | Citizens' Press

Working people are under a sustained attack from the government through changes in the law that undermine progressive political mobilization. Through the proposed laws, the Conservative Party is undermining the very foundation of what keeps Canada a different and unique place to the US: the ability of people to contribute to democratic mass organizations for political work. The only answer is more organizing of the members and the re-establishment of political cadres connected to the broader movement.

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The latest attack on unions coming from the goofball wing of the Conservative Party shows how Bill 377 is just the start of the aggressive and partisan undermining of the Tories’ only organized opposition. That they have some how equated a report card put out by PSAC with endorsement shows how serious they are to find anything to support their nonsense. It also shows that Bill 377 is just the first step along the path toward a full assault on the unions like that currently under way in the US driven by the far-right of the GOP.

Here is a question: if the government starts banning political organizations from being political, where does it stop? What if the Toronto Star backs the NDP in the next election? Will the Tories ban that too, or maybe just change the law so that newspapers suffer if they do? If you do not think that they will, you only have to look at the attacks lead against the environmental organizations and theprogressive NGO’srecently to see what the Tory plan is and how far they will go.

We cannot allow this reactionary government to use partisan laws to silence its opposition and undermine all the organizations that stand up for people in this country. We must organize, we must increase the resources we are putting into organizing. The right-wing have put down the gauntlet and we have no choice but to respond with more of what built our movement in the first place: workers uniting and fighting for change.