The Stupidity of Economists. Is it a wonder that mainstream economics is broken?

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The layers of stupidity in thisFreeland article are hard to fathom. Freedland’s analysis is terrible, but the “study” she is explaining is ridiculous. On top of this, the article finishes with a comment that is so stupid, you have to read it twice for the full extent of the stupidity to sink in. The article is about what the majority of economists agree on.

“But they did pick up a clear difference between men and women. “Women,” they wrote, “tend to be more cautious in taking a stance.” For women making their way in the 21st-century world of work, that reticence is mostly a handicap – a willingness to admit to uncertainty is one reason women are paid less and can find it difficult to break through the glass ceiling.”

Ya, go ahead, read it again and then give your head a slow shake.