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This week, the global refugee crisis broke through the noise to become the focus, and not just for Canadian media and politicians. Across Canada, people have had to confront the dangerous reality faced by refugees fleeing their homelands, and the fact that North American and European governments are not doing nearly enough.

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Much of this week’s focus has been on the plight of Syrian and Kurdish refugees – a struggle for safety, the origins of which deserve deeper discussion. What follows is a list of links that help provide a thoughtful and diverse overview of the issues. These include a comic explaining the crisis’ roots in climate change, an interactive website examining Canada’s oppressive relationship with refugees and immigrants, a critical challenge to the use of racialized bodies in white media, as well as several other resources that should help provide a better understanding of the current state of the crisis.

It is easy for the general population to forget and ignore the suffering of so many so far away, but socialists have a role in incorporating them into the current struggles.

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