Tariq Ali: What is a Revolution? | Counter Punch

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The strikes envisaged by the United States are designed to prevent Assad’s military advances from defeating the opposition and re-taking the country. That is what is at stake in Syria. … The idea that Saudia, Qatar, Turkey backed by  NATO are going to create a revolutionary democratic or even a democrat set-up is challenged by what is happening elsewhere in the Arab world." Full article.

Also see: Syria military action would ‘rebalance’ situation, France says | CBC

“French officials shoring up support for a punitive military response to an alleged chemical attack last month in Syria said it would help shift the balance in a 2½-year-old civil war that was tipping in favour of President Bashar al-Assad.”

And: Obama’s authorization for Syria strike is too broad, lawmakers say | The Globe and Mail

“The authorization of the use of military force against al-Qaeda signed into law in September 2001 by Republican President George W. Bush has been used to justify a dozen years of U.S. counterterrorism efforts by both Bush and Obama, from the war in Afghanistan to wiretapping and drone strikes, with little congressional oversight. … Most [in Congress] said that, if there were any military action at all, it must be restricted to missile strikes into Syrian territory or aid to rebels fighting to oust Assad.”