Pushing-Back on Ford's Ridiculous Anti-Gang Program

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A program evaluator responds to Ford. The way that the program is structured and implemented is a problem since it is essentially a publicly funded. privately delivered program. However, the fact that the program has had some success counters Ford’s ridiculous claims that these programs do not work.

Factsheet on anti-gang programs from the CCPA.

The Liberals have been funding TAVIS, which Ford is asking more money for, since 2006. The program is basically a seek out and arrest poor youth program with some sports program funding stuck in there.

Here is a focus on alternative programs from Regina.

There are many other resources from organizations that focus on these things. The Left must help in the push-back against the irrational position that somehow more police to “arrest all the poor youth” programs are the solution to gun violence. Toronto is already near the top of police officers per-capita in Canada. More cops is not the answer for this problem.

What we need are increases to social programs, the removal of all financial barriers to post-secondary education and a functional welfare system with a living wage so families and the community can provide a better future for our youth