Public watchdogs bark up government's tree on Hydro One sale | What's Left

In an unprecedented move this week, Ontario's independent government integrity and oversight officers lambasted the government for removing public oversight from Hydro One—the province's public transmission company.

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These watchdogs’ basic analysis: it is not in the public interest to remove Hydro One from independent public scrutiny and oversight.

With the vast majority of Ontarians opposed to the sale and an expanding public campaign to demand consultations on the policy, which the Liberals did not campaign on, one has to wonder why the Liberal MPs would tie their boat to this Titanic failure of public policy.

If ever there is a list of people you do not want to be on the wrong side of when in government, here it is: information and privacy commissioner Brian Beamish, financial accountability officer Stephen LeClair, integrity commissioner Lynn Morrison, retiring environmental commissioner Gord Miller, French language services commissioner François Boileau and provincial advocate for children and youth Irwin Ellman.

It is otherwise known as a list of the most trusted people overseeing government.

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