Poor People Should Take on Debt to Pay Taxes says Fraser Institute

Our favourite people to point and laugh at have released another ridiculous report. This time complaining that the poor are not paying enough in tax. It is not clear from the Fraser Inst. how people with no money will be able to pay more in taxes, but we assume that they mean for the poor to go further into debt.

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In what can only be described as a poor excuse for an early April Fool’s joke, the Fraser Institute has released a new report saying that poor people (that is, people who do not have any money) should pay more taxes. You may wonder how people who do not have any money (because the rich keep their wages low and profits high and the governing Tories keep increasing user fees) should pay taxes. The obvious answer is that they should take on more debt to finance government services that are mostly used by the rich and middle class.

See, for the silly people at the Fraser Institute, it is the poor’s fault that the Tories are corrupt because the poor at once do not make enough money to pay taxes and cannot afford the user fees for essential services. They are thus not contributing to the cost ofservices used by the rich and that is unfair. It is unfair because since they do not pay taxes, they have nothing invested in the way government acts. It is some great “logic” they are employing to get to that one. The Institute then calls for thousands of years of theories of democracy to be thrown out – clearly, the only way democracy could work is if you pay into it and get nothing out.

The reality is that the poor pay too much tax (see page 26 of this CCPA Presentation). Other titles that the FI played with for this side-splitting farce of a report:

Fraser Institute surprised to learn that free market capitalism has resulted in 40% of workers so poor that they don’t make enough to pay taxes (and also complains too many women are working which leads to traffic jams for their friend’s limos).

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After pushing for years for irresponsible economic policy, the Fraser Institute is now calling for the poor to use debt to pay “taxes” directly to rich people – cutting-out the government bag-man for efficiency. Institute says redistribution upwards in the form of direct poor-to-rich cash transactions is the only way to ensure revolution/democracy.