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With the revelations that there is next to no regulation (and enforcement of current regulation) over use and abuse of Canadian's data, it is time to rethink the model.

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The issues of surveillance, mass record keeping, and the limited regulation of how this information is communicated and collected represents a threat to all Canadians. A combination of regulation, oversight, and enforcement of privacy rights need to be legislated so that they protect both organizations and individuals. Encryption and debugging technologies need to be publicly financed and carried out in public research labs and universities. In addition, encryption standards need to be open and encouraged within network infrastructure.

This would all be best managed through a separate civilian state organization dedicated to providing public options and requiring that companies maintain best practices for digital infrastructure standards. A public option for internet/digital communication is necessary if we are going to be able to ensure mass privacy and security at an affordable price. Leaving it to the spooks and private monopolies inherently compromises the interests of the public.

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