Fast Food Workers Strikes In 270 Cities, Vow To Take $15 Wage To Voting Booth | Forbes

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“Fast-food employees [were] joined by workers from other industries that typically pay low hourly wages, including home care, child care, residential care, maintenance, and security. Adjunct professors — who make, on average, around $31,000 annually. Elected leaders, clergy allies, Black Lives Matter activists, immigration advocates and members of women’s groups [were] all present at various walkouts and rallies across the U.S, according to Fight for $15, the union-supported group behind this movement. The day of action comes as the issue of minimum wage takes center stage in the run up to the 2016 presidential election.” Full story here.

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“How the once-fledgling campaign has captivated national political discourse is a testament to the uneasiness still felt by many Americans left out of the recovery from the Great Recession. Although jobs have continued to grow since the depths of the downturn, earnings for lower- and middle-income workers have not. By galvanizing efforts around fast-food workers — people who many interact with on a daily basis — the movement’s organizers, backed in part by the nation’s second-largest labor union, have worked to change the public perception of low-wage work.”