Songs of the revolution | D. Steele

Bernie Sanders' presidential run has generated some interesting music for our times.

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Here we will share good progressive music. Each week we will provide a random sampling of some good progressive music - sometimes there will be a theme, sometimes not. And, of course, send in your suggestions to What’s Left.

This week is all about Bernie Sanders. This is a surprisingly deep field across the diversity of support that Bernie has. With some of the best gathered they include a Corrido and Trap Anthem. So enjoy.

An unofficial campaign ad. The song is Time by Hans Zimmer from the soundtrack to the movie Inception.

El Quemazon ( “The Bern” Corrido for Bernie Sanders) Grupo la Meta

Bernie Sanders ft. Drake - Where Ya At? (Future Parody) (8JTV):

“Hey Bernie Sanders” ~ performed by Happytown.

Bernie’s official trap anthem

There are a lot more Bernie songs collected here.