Leftnews.org Status Update

An update of the status of leftnews.org.

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Hello Everyone,

As you may have noticed, Leftnews.org was being sent to an “account suspended” page. It seems that the hosting solution that we had deployed for Leftnews.org was not enough to deal with the volume of traffic (you folks visiting the site). So, the server company has suspended the account (it was too much for the server to keep it running).

Leftnews will continue, however. The Citizens’ Press (Leftnews.org’s parent organisation) has set-up this blog until we find a more permanent solution to the problems encountered by leftnews.org. We will continue to work on extracting the thousands of posts (about 9 years worth) from leftnews so that we do not lose the history many of you search through to find posts that you have visited.

We will continue to update you on the progress of this transition.

Thank-you for your patience in this matter and please update your rss information.

In solidarity,

Graham Cox

example Editor Leftnews.org gcox .at. citizenspress.org