Jeremy Corbyn has given hope to my generation. Please don't let the cynics take it away | New Statesman

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“Right now, the last thing that young people need is for newspapers to adopt braying tones of avuncular chastisement. … Jeremy Corbyn has given many of my generation hope for a better future and he could do the same thing for many more disadvantaged and disenfranchised young voters.” Full story here. Also see: Jeremy Corbyn says Britain ‘can and must change’ | BBC “The thirst in the hall for him to do well was tangible. Some members of the party have wanted to hear a speech like this for years. And although he never really expected to be doing one of the most high-profile, hardest jobs in politics, if Jeremy Corbyn was nervous, he didn’t show it. [T]he audience was pleased to see him, applauding for two minutes on their feet before he even said a word.”