Growing concern in European Union parliament about Canada trade deal #CETA

More trouble for the sputtering Canada-EU trade deal. It seems that the premature victory laps that the Harper government have been running on CETA are foul of the line.

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Embassy magazine is reporting EU trade deal ratification process yet to be settled and that it is an “open question” as to the process of ratification in the EU:

The European Union has not yet settled on a process to ratify its > trade deal with Canada, say ambassadors from two EU member states, > putting into question the Canadian government’s claim that the > agreement is expected to be in place in two years.

While Reuters is reporting that because of political shifts since the recent elections for the EU parliament, CETA might be in trouble.

EU lawmakers are threatening to block a multi-billion dollar trade > pact between Canada and the European Union – a blueprint for a much > bigger EU-U.S. deal – because it would allow firms to sue governments > if they breach the treaty.

What makes this especially interesting is their opposition to Investor-State Dispute Settlement(ISDS) so-called “corporate rights provisions” being included in both the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between Canada and the EU, but also the Transalatantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and the USA.

We havewritten previously about how the opposition to ISDS has grown in the EU and around the world because EU countries have started to fall on the receiving-end of these arbtration decisions.

The Council of Canadian’s analysis shows the EU parliament and their opposition to ISDS and free trade more generally.