CEOs Get Paid Too Much, According to Pretty Much Everyone in the World | Harvard Business Review

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“The lack of awareness of the gap in CEO to unskilled worker pay — which in the U.S. people estimate to be 30 to 1 but is in fact 350 to 1 — likely reduces citizens’ desire to take action to decrease that gap” Full story here. Also see: People worldwide think CEOs should make a tiny fraction of what they do | Quartz “People all around the world are broadly unaware of how wide the pay gap is, and they are almost universally of the opinion that CEOs should be paid much, much less … According to the survey data, people in the US think that the ideal pay gap between an unskilled worker and a CEO is 50 times less than the real gap. … Pay underestimation and support for a much lower ratio cut across political beliefs and socioeconomic status.”