Brazil's Rousseff, Neves race for support in tight election runoff | Reuters

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“Both will now focus on the 21 percent of voters who backed the other main candidate, environmentalist Marina Silva. Her campaign collapsed in spectacular fashion late in the race, but she remains admired by many voters and she could still swing the election with an endorsement. … Rousseff came out ahead in the first round of voting thanks to working-class supporters who are still grateful to her party for economic gains and for popular social welfare programs it expanded upon coming to power 12 years ago.” Full story here. Also see: Post-Politics in Brazil | Jacobin “Those who were previously optimistic about the meaning of June 2013 have begun to rethink how far-reaching the event actually was. The revealing truth behind this electoral period is that not only did June fail to be a politicizing moment, it also enhanced post-political logic by the constant effort to disguise antagonism through idealist and moralist notions of social improvement. … The depoliticized aspects of June and Marina Silva’s re-emergence are connected. … By connecting “new politics” to a seemingly objective project to do what is best for the country — rather than govern in relation to power arrangements and contestation as would her adversaries — Silva plays on the tone of false unity that marked the June protests.”