Appel à tous | Help Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois fund his appeal

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/Unofficial translation of Appel à tous / Appeal to all - Help GND fund his appeal:

We saw and we heard, we are all witnesses. We heard Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois. We know his words, because they are also our own. From his mouth and from our own, these words mean coherence, loyalty and integrity. We heard Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois and we heard Judge Denis Jacques. And we ask: Where is there contempt, exactly? Is respecting collective decisions a crime? Is the freedom to speak an outrage? The words said, they are our own. We make them our own and we reiterate them. If there is a need to condemn someone, there are thousands of us to punish. There truly is a question of justice here. Not the one that pretends to have been given, but the one that we want to see accomplished. Because, in fact, this is not about Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois. It is about thousands of us who see ourselves in the maple spring. It is about all those that feel targeted by the accusation. It is about this corruption that eats at our politics, while the youth stand condemned. Today justice betrays democracy. Gabriel needs to appeal this decision. We will join him for this process. But moreover, we will continue to have hope despite the contempt of our courts. It is an appeal to all because it is the entire movement that is condemned. Let’s appeal. Together.