9 Things You Need to Know about Venezuela and the Recent Violence

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by Pablo Vivanco | Basics News (via Venezuelanalysis.com) | Click HERE to read article

  1. The students marches are from the right-wing of the student movement. 2. Most have died due to violence and sabotage of far right ‘protesters’. 3. There has been massive media manipulation. 4. There has been an active campaign to sabotage the Venezuelan economy. 5. Crime is a regional problem and the opposition doesn’t pose solutions. 6. The claims of ‘state repression’ and ‘media censorship’ are at best, exaggerated. 7. Overall, the opposition has demonstrated itself to be uninterested in democracy, dialogue and has never conceded the government. 8. Fascism and imperialism are very present threats to Venezuela. 9. The majority of people still support the Bolivarian process and government – and we should side with them.