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What’s Left is a weekly digest that delivers a quick overview of current news and events. Articles are curated to focus on left-wing issues in Canada, important international struggles, and provide useful analysis for workers and activists across the country. Subscribe to What's Left and we promise to send you only one email a week.

What's Left 2016-04-11 Volume 53

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Why we fight: the battle for increased minimum wage; Exposing anti-black racism in Canadian media and politics; Housing, identity and the Left; Songs of the revolution; and Nuit Debout: the people of France fight back

What's Left 2016-03-27 Volume 51

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New data alarms climate scientists; Massive Black Lives Matter rally in Toronto highlights struggle; Sanders campaign gives hope to political progress regardless of outcome; Black Americans prohibited from employment in legal marijuana industry; Varoufakis is back and it's going to be great; Corbyn hates privatized education, teachers love Corbyn.

What's Left 2016-03-20 Volume 50

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Our 50th edition of What's Left this Week: Resource allocation and building worker power; Universities outsourcing to lower wages; Mass surveillance Canadian Style; Attacks on the Workers' Party of Brazil; and Corbyn's Labour Party, the media and polling.
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