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What's Left: 2015-03-22 Volume 5

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It’s well known that capitalism and industrial development are responsible for climate change and it has become obvious that more capitalism will not reverse the destruction. Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped the cheer-leading squad for “free markets” from continuing to spin the media.

What's Left: 2015-03-15 Volume 4

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Canada used to be known as a country that, more than most, promoted human rights around the world. Of course, this was and is a self-constructed fallacy. The Canadian state’s history of imperialism, oppression, internment, genocide and just straight-up racism is well documented. However, there is something to be said about the importance of promoting a narrative of peace, tolerance and acceptance as part of a cultural identity: it tends to make society a little more compassionate and keeps destructive bigots marginalized.

What's Left: 2015-03-08 Volume 3

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This past year has been rich in opportunities for feminist organizing, from high-profile stories of sexual violence on campuses, to high-profile individuals being held accountable for sexual harassment at home and in the workplace, to the growing solidarity amongst women online around rape, assault, and combating misogyny.
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