BREAKING: Premier Ford's office occupied indefinitely to demand immediate action to prevent workplace deaths.

| October 16, 2019

As of 3 pm today Fight for Fifteen, community, and labour have begun an indefinite occupation of Premier Doug Ford’s office at 823 Albion Road in Etobicoke . If you’re able to, please come as soon as possible!


Community and labour leaders are asking supporters to join in front of 823 Albion Rd as soon as possible@fordnation @MonteMcNaughton #OccupyFord

— $15 & Fairness! (@fairwagesnow) October 16, 2019

Doug Ford’s government has not followed through on implementing a key piece of legislation aimed at keeping temporary employment agency workers safe on the job, the Star has learned.

The measures, enacted by the Liberals last year, would have ensured all companies who use temps are liable for their injuries at the workers’ compensation board, which critics have long argued is a key financial incentive to protecting these vulnerable workers.

What you can do to help:

  1. Come support the occupation ans maintain a presence outside at 823 Albion Road, Etobicoke.
  2. Email, call, tweet at Doug Ford and demand that he enact the law that will protect temporary agency workers

If you are in Toronto, come as soon as possible.

We will hold a community speak-out at 5 pm, and a movie screening at 9 pm. If you can, come prepared to stay into the night with us. ROUTE by TTC:  The closest bus stop is a 2-minute walk from the office, Albion Rd At Calstock Dr. You can reach it by taking bus 73C from the Royal York subway station.

For our $15 & Fairness supporters across Ontario, you have an equally crucial role to play.

The premier needs to know that our communities are watching him, and he must do the right thing!

  • Call Premier Ford NOW: 416-325-1941 - Use the hashtag #OccupyFord to spread the word. We’ll be making regular updates on social media, so stay connected and get ready to amplify us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

  • Email the Premier now (click here), and if you have already emailed him, get your friends to do it.

The legislation to stop companies from treating temp agency workers’ lives as disposable already exists. We just need Ford to sign it into effect!

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