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Chelsea Manning sent to jail for refusing to testify in WikiLeaks case | The Washington Post

by Faiz Ahmed — last modified Mar 09, 2019 09:12 AM
"The investigation Manning was called to testify in remains secret, but she said she was asked about WikiLeaks, the anti-secrecy website she shared classified documents with in 2010. Manning served seven years of a 35-year prison sentence for her leak before receiving a commutation from President Barack Obama. ... Outside court before the hearing, Manning said she was prepared to go to jail. “These secret proceedings tend to favor the government,” she said. “I’m always willing to explain things publicly.”"

Canadian support for intervention in Venezuela | Monthly Review Online

by Faiz Ahmed — last modified Mar 09, 2019 09:08 AM
"[G]overnments of resource-rich countries throughout the global-South strike deals with companies the calibre of SNC-Lavalin to ward off foreign intervention. The rationale is to allow such companies to be economically invested to a point where they will actively dissuade their respective governments from engaging in any overt conflict. For socialist-minded governments, mandated to equitably re-order the societies they were elected by, it’s a strategy to ensure some degree of autonomy from the economic forces of the free-market."

Venezuela: 'country has stopped' as blackout drags into second day | The Guardian

by Faiz Ahmed — last modified Mar 08, 2019 12:40 PM
"On Friday morning, more than 19 hours after power failed across most of the country, Venezuela’s vice-president, Delcy Rodríguez, announced that schools would not open and private- and public-sector workers should stay at home. Rodríguez told the state-run broadcaster Telesur her country had fallen victim to “an act of electric sabotage committed by Venezuela’s extreme-right opposition” on a hydroelectric plant in the country’s south."

Foreign Minister Arreaza Holds UN Marathon for Peace: Guaido Urges Military Intervention and War

by JBB — last modified Mar 07, 2019 08:23 AM
Carla Stea | Canadian Dimension | In a herculean effort to prevent war, and protect the integrity of his country, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza held a breathtaking schedule of events at the United Nations, including a meeting with the Secretary-General, consultations with the envoys of 60 member states supporting Venezuela’s sovereignty, a press conference the evening of February 22, speaking at a Security Council meeting February 26, and presenting an address at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on February 27.

A sea of change for Canada's telecom market?

by JBB — last modified Mar 07, 2019 08:14 AM
Marie Aspiazu | The announcements of a new policy direction for the CRTC and the CRTC's upcoming mobile services review could bring much-needed change to Canada's telecom arena. Here's the lowdown.

UN Commission Report Accuses Israel of War Crimes in Gaza

by JBB — last modified Mar 07, 2019 08:06 AM
International law professor Kevin Jon Heller discusses the report of the UN Human Rights Council, which says Israel must be held accountable for war crimes committed against unarmed civilians and that Israeli courts do not hold them accountable
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