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Abortion referendum likely to put pressure on Northern Ireland politicians | The Guardian

by Faiz Ahmed — last modified May 26, 2018 08:10 AM
"The expected result of Ireland’s referendum also raises the prospect of Northern Irish women needing an abortion making a considerably easier journey south for the procedure. ... The [United Kingdom's] 1967 Abortion Act was never extended to Northern Ireland, and abortion remains illegal unless the life or mental health of the mother is at risk. Northern Ireland has the harshest criminal penalty for abortion anywhere in Europe; in theory, life imprisonment can be handed down to a woman undergoing an unlawful abortion."

Facebook partners with Hawkish Atlantic Council, a NATO lobby group, to “protect democracy”

by JBB — last modified May 24, 2018 07:28 AM
by Elliot Gabriel | MRonline (Originally published: Mint Press News) | Facebook is hoping that a new alliance with the Atlantic Council — a leading geopolitical strategy think-tank seen as a de facto PR agency for the U.S. government and NATO military alliance – will not only solve its “fake news” and “disinformation” controversy, but will also help the social media monolith play “a positive role” in ensuring democracy on a global level.

Writing Off Democracy in Venezuela, US Press and Politicians Dream of a Coup | FAIR

by Graham H. Cox — last modified May 22, 2018 08:01 AM
"The May 20 Venezuelan presidential elections pit Hugo Chavez’s successor, President Nicolas Maduro, against opposition challenger Henri Falcon. Maduro has called for the United Nations to observe and oversee the contest. Despite calling for elections throughout 2017, many local opposition groups, together with the US government, have demanded no observers should come, arguing that it would “validate” the elections, and have preemptively decided they will not recognize the victor."

France’s Role in Africa

by JBB — last modified May 21, 2018 11:42 AM
by Yves Engler | Znet | The North American left’s discussion of France’s role in Africa demonstrates the influence of powerful institutions, especially the ones closest to us, in shaping our understanding of the world. We largely ignore what they want us to ignore and see what they want us to see.
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