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Fundamental research is anything but basic | Julia Boughner in University Affairs

by Graham H. Cox — last modified Jun 12, 2019 11:42 AM
"Perhaps scientists are spurred by feelings of shame that fundamental research doesn’t conform to corporatized university models here in Canada and abroad favouring rapidly translatable results that satisfy profit-driven ideals of efficiency and success. Or, maybe, we fear that by advocating for fundamental research, we won’t attract government subsidies or be able to justify taxpayers’ returns on investments, all within a short election cycle. Maybe there are other reasons, too."

Energy, Economic Growth, and Ecological Crisis

by JBB — last modified Jun 11, 2019 01:49 PM
by Erald Kolasi | Monthly Review | Can economic growth continue forever? This relatively simple question has posed some intellectual headaches for modern capitalism. In the Grundrisse, Karl Marx argued that capital cannot tolerate any limits, by which he meant that the drive for growth and the search for new markets are both necessary for the political and economic survival of capitalism. Viewed in this light, the implications of the question present something of an existential challenge to the current order. Capitalism cannot acknowledge any natural limits to economic growth, for that would mean acknowledging its ultimate demise.

Ottawa and the Worst of the Venezuelan Opposition

by JBB — last modified Jun 11, 2019 09:02 AM
by Manuel E. Yepe | CounterPunch | Canada has not only financed and supported opposition parties in Venezuela, but has also openly allied itself with some of that country’s most undemocratic and extremist elements. The Canadian liberal government has openly supported the Voluntad Popular (VP) party’s offer to seize power by force since January 2019, although Ottawa has actually given its support for years to this electorally marginal party in the US nation.
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