Victory in sight for Democrats defying Warren on bank bill | Politico

by Faiz Ahmed last modified 2018-03-05T21:57:52-04:00
"Republicans and Democrats in the Senate are poised to pass a bill this week that would relax key banking regulations, steamrolling opposition from outspoken liberals like Sen. Elizabeth Warren who have built their careers calling for tougher oversight of Wall Street. ... While Warren will likely be unsuccessful in stopping the package, she is again trying to activate her base to fight it. On Friday, she sent an email to supporters in which she attacked “Republicans AND Democrats" for supporting the bill. She warned that “the bank lobbyists are getting ready to pop champagne and light their cigars.” Warren is expected to offer amendments that could force her colleagues to take tough positions as they stick together to defend the bill and avoid fracturing the political coalition underpinning it."
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