U.S. quietly let hundreds of ISIS fighters flee Raqqa | CBS

by Faiz Ahmed last modified 2017-11-14T14:13:51-04:00
"CBS News partner BBC News says 250 fighters were permitted to leave Raqqa. They got out with 3,500 family members to ISIS-controlled territory. According to the report, their convoy included nearly 50 rented trucks, 13 buses and more than 100 ISIS vehicles. Ten trucks were loaded with weapons. The BBC says the U.S. and British-led coalition knew about the deal, brokered by Syrian Democratic Forces, and monitored the exodus. The world was told only a few dozen local fighters were being let go, no foreigners and no weapons, reports BBC News' Quentin Sommerville. But the trucks were crammed full of fighters, some wearing suicide belts. All were heavily armed."
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