Iran simply won’t let itself be hemmed in by the U.S. and UK | Monthly Review Online

by Faiz Ahmed last modified 2019-07-31T10:32:11-04:00
"Under pressure from the United States, Panama has removed its flag from 59 vessels that are either linked to Iran or Syria. A ship without an international flag cannot buy insurance, which means that it has to almost instantly take on a different flag. The United States has been pressuring countries such as Sierra Leone and Togo to pressure them not to put their flags on vessels that are part of Iran’s oil export trade. Carrying an Iranian flag does not allow ships easy access to insurance; the United States has pressured insurance companies to deny insurance to these ships. Ships with Iranian flags not only have a hard time buying insurance, but they are also on the radar of customs officials who have been asked to give these ships more scrutiny, therefore delaying their progress and raising the costs for the transport of Iranian oil."
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